I’ve been working with b (and through him, with e) on ways to make her boyfriend feel more welcome and more comfortable in their marriage and home. The obvious benefit of this progression is the frequency and quality of their coupling can be increased, without taking e away from her cuckold and their son more often. The longterm goal of such integration is to fully embrace the cuckold lifestyle and welcome her lover into his role within the family; one where he becomes the natural leader when present. While not an overt Dom, he’s comfortable leading and taking his place as e’s only sexual partner.

Marital Bed Cuddle

If I calculate the time difference correctly, e and her boyfriend should be asleep together in the marital bed as I post this. Soon, however, b will have to get up and get ready for work as he goes in very early and will have to enter the bedroom quietly to get ready for his day. I know the sight of his pretty wife cuddled in the marital bed with her lover will be an image he relives in his mind all day today. Soon the couple will awaken and one will awaken the other with a single purpose in mind: coupling yet again to start the new day.


If things went as planned, one of the last things their son witnessed before bed was the three adults interacting as friends with e having embraced and kissed her boyfriend to welcome him in the home while b stood there, equally happy to welcome him into the home. This was important as it will only be e and her boyfriend home when their son arises this morning. It’s not the first time their son has seen/met e’s boyfriend, so he’s likely already quite ambivalent about the presence of another grown-up in the house given his parents’ relaxed, casual behavior concerning him.

Stepping Aside

For those of you who are logged in and have read the member’s only blog post I last made for e & b, you can appreciate b’s experience this morning when you understand that he’s not been inside his lovely wife for months now and if all goes well, all of 2013 will continue that way.