The bet: she’d never wear this in public.

he-wins-the-betToo low cut for a bra, too thin and clinging for panties; this hotwife is, for the first time,  completely naked under the smallest, thinnest dress she’s ever worn in public. It’s so short that you can see her nervously resting her hands on her lap to block unintentional viewing of the little sex her husband shaved smooth only a couple hours ago. Even though their Dom has been working to train her for being on display, this was a big step – too big a step, in fact, for her husband to believe she’d wear it for her boyfriend – which is precisely why their Dom chose it.

You’re looking at the same image their Dom sent their cuckold as proof of winning the bet. How did their Dom swing it? Did he simply coerce her into obliging his wishes? He could, but leading his couple into offering the submission he seeks is a far better course of action than trying to extract it.

Simple Psychology

Psychologically, losing something is easier than simply giving it up. Having lost a bet, the thing to do is man up and honor the terms of the bet, right? So the task for a creative Dom is to craft a bet where all sides are winners regardless of the outcome.

The Stakes

Had she refused to wear such a skimpy dress to such a public function, their Dom agreed to video their previously private couplings at his place (a big win for the husband, but obviously not much of a loss for their Dom), but if she wore it in public and had proof of such, their Dom would have exclusive access to her snug sex for one year. Their Dom knew from teaching his couple more progressive exercises in teasing and denial that they were ripe for this escalation and though she was very anxious about wearing this dress, learning her husband had gambled access to intercourse motivated her far more than simply pleasing their Dom. Knowing she would be skeptical of her husband even agreeing to risk loss of intercourse for a year enabled the Dom to first approach her with stakes of their own. Now you know why she’s now blonde.

Creating Balance

fleshlightIt would be easy to call it good at this point and and simply leave the cuckold to deal with his needful organ on his own and assign that as the lot of a submissive husband, but I would call that irresponsible of both the wife and more importantly, the Dom. It’s then the responsibility of the Dom to ensure the couple learn and practice new methods of physical and emotional intimacy without intercourse. This isn’t done simply to provide the cuckold with sexual release, but to deepen both his submission and bond to his wife and their Dom. When I assign a wife to using something like a Fleshlight on her cuckold and train him to link his pleasure and release with it, I have yet another aspect of denial to explore when I need to modify his behavior.

Creatively fucking a hotwife is simply being a good bull – mind-fucking the couple as a whole, now that’s the leadership of a Dom.