Is she a hotwife? Yes. Is he a cuckold? Maybe not.

Magic City is a drama on the Starz ‘cable’ network (we still refer to anything not broadcast over the air as cable even though it may also be satellite). It’s a show I’ve watched since it began and enjoy quite a bit – even without the abundant eye candy.

I’ve recently seen links and Internet chatter about the ‘cuckolding’ going on in this season’s show, but in keeping with how cuckolding is defined here, I’d have to say this isn’t cuckolding. I’ll explain:

Jessica Marais - Magic City - S01E02 - 3_2Meet Mr and Mrs Diamond. He is an infamously ruthless (and jealous) mobster who is the silent partner of the show’s main character. Though she is hotness personified, Ben Diamond either can’t get it up to fuck her himself or is simply too drawn to his fetish of watching her masturbate to fuck her himself. He mainly enjoys this by watching her through the two-way mirror installed in the floor of his bedroom/the ceiling of her bedroom.

The Mrs began an affair with the eldest son of the main character so her sex could get the vigorous exercise it needs and deserves, but both knew they risked death if they were caught. Ben, her husband, eventually does catch wind of the affair, but rather than off them, he finds himself unsatisfied watching his sexy wife masturbate and is even unmoved when he arranges for an orgy of sexy women in the room beneath his and orders his wife to get her lover in bed where he can witness it.

Jessica Marais - Magic City - S02E03_2

The view of his wife and her stud coupling as seen by her husband in the room above.

Jessica Marais - Magic City - S02E03_3

Post-coital bliss for him, but that edge is a bit blunted for her knowing her husband is above, watching them. Is she pleasing her husband with this demonstration of their coupling or sealing their fates?

At this point, he’s not a cuckold because she’s 100% obedient to her husband (out of justifiable fear) and is performing for his viewing at his direction. He’s certainly inadequate for her sexually, but still very much in control. Having discovered the pleasure of watching his wife get a good fucking could, however, introduce more leverage for her if she plays it carefully. Then again, it might just get them both killed.

It’s a great show and though I found the voyeurism angle interesting as the show began, it wasn’t until it took the turn it has in this season that I found something worth mentioning to the community here. The fictional character of Ben will now have to struggle with the conflict that this naturally presents for men in his position. The choices he makes – or fails to make, will define how pleasurable this experience is for himself and for his wife.