In my last post I had just met Jack at my health club who was very intriguing.   He asked me to lunch that Tuesday.  We had talked and flirted a few times but nothing else.   Being an honest cuckold wife I confided to Jack that honesty with my husband tom was most important even though we had an open marriage.  Jack totally understood the circumstances.  The next night I told tom I was meeting Jack for lunch.  I hinted to him I might do more than just flirt with my lunch date.  My luncheon attire was casual, a light black and white print dress short enough to show off my legs without being too obvious; sandaled 3″ heels completed my outfit.

When I arrived at the restaurant Jack was already there and greeted me with a very nice kiss on the lips.  We sat next to each other at the table and soon his hand was on my thigh.  I let kiss me and explore my bare legs without getting too obvious to the tables near us.   Lunch was good but the company was fabulous, I soon was certain this was going to go much further.  I felt as if I was floating on air every time Jack looked me in the eyes.   As Jack paid the tab and walked me out to my car he whispered in my ear if I wanted to go home with him.  I got on my cell phone and called tom.  When he answered I told him I was with this very handsome man who asked me back to his place.  I told him I was going and quickly hung up the phone.

We arrived at Jack’s place and my dress quickly came off; my panties and bra soon followed .  I loved being naked while Jack was still fully dressed while kissing and licking every inch of me.   Finally I helped Jack undress as he gently laid me on his bed and we coupled with intensity.  Jack and tom were about the same size but its how they use it that made a difference; the feeling of another cock inside me  felt wonderful just as his wet kisses.  Several orgasms later I left for home.

Getting home around seven o’clock that evening tom was eager to climb on me.  I backed him off and said its your job to clean me now, your my cuckyboi.   It sounded harsh but tom obeyed.  My husband for the first time ate another man’s juices from my vagina.  He confessed he jacked off earlier to thinking about me in Jack’s bed pleasing me like he couldn’t begin to please me.   As I lay in my marriage bed I could only dream of what was to follow!