Author: HotWifeToni

Rewarding my Husband

Since my last post a few weeks ago I decided to reward my faithful hubby tom for good behavior with a newly thought-up reward system.   I put fifty different colored poker chips into a bag and let him take one each time I felt...

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How Cuckolding Saved My Marriage

My name is Francine and my husband is Mark. Both of us recently turned thirty. Shortly after Mark and I graduated from college we went to work in sales for different companies in Tampa, Florida. A mutual friend introduced us and...

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Wonderful Holiday Weekend With My Lover

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know mine was amazing.   After the holiday I kicked back and relaxed on Friday, no shopping for this girl. I also decided it was time to give tom, my hubby some chores around the house...

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Meeting a New Gentleman

In my last post I had just met Jack at my health club who was very intriguing.   He asked me to lunch that Tuesday.  We had talked and flirted a few times but nothing else.   Being an honest cuckold wife I confided to Jack that...

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