This young coed is both delicious and courageous.

I say courageous not because there is video of her, but because she chose to embrace being a submissive. She clearly follows the online direction of someone she has entrusted with her obedience and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s not easy for a submissive, young woman to give in to those desires with the world being as full of risk – and political correctness – as it is.

She is going to make someone very proud of her as his pet someday, but first I hope she finds herself a loving, supportive male to share her life with. I think women who first experience a dominant lover before knowing and loving a supportive lover tend to marry first and divorce later. Women who marry their best friend instead often compromise on their sexual needs (often without realizing it) but are much better off extending their relationship later to include the dominant male aspect they need than basing their entire relationship on it since the number of males who can fill both dominant and supportive roles is fairly limited.

As delightful as she is, I would prefer owning her as a wife (or fiancee) than owning her as a single woman because long term, that would be better for her and more enjoyable forĀ  all of us.