The cuckold’s view of his wife’s impending impalement.

Here we see a wife physically bound as she is offered to their Master.

Did her husband cuff her for their Master? Was he trained to prepare her in this manner when their Master visits? Now her bondage  reflects her cuckold’s submission as well. He has likely never enjoyed her body while bound and likely never will.

Being bound as she is, it would be difficult for her to gracefully straddle their Master and guide herself onto his lap where his cock, excited by the sight of her, awaits.

This is where having a cuckold is so useful.

Having cuffed his wife for their Master, the cuckold will now assist her in mounting their Master’s cock. He will keep her steady as she straddles him and lowers herself closer to his waiting cock.

Once the swollen tip of their Master’s cock is close to her needful sex, their Master can steady her while the cuckold guides their Master’s cock into her to complete their coupling.

The cuckold has now been both indirectly and directly responsible for the pleasure both his wife and their Master will now enjoy.