In 1994 I had no idea what a cuckold was or that the cuckold lifestyle even existed. I was content to be the BIG STUD in search of sweet, pink womanhood. What was it that changed me? How could I have gone from one extreme to the other? I do not know the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ for the gradual shift in my sexual paradigm but LIFE is something that unfolds in front of us and if we are to LIVE it, we must change and conform to our ever-evolving universe and worldly surroundings. I hope to continue this blog to share the ‘twists and turns’ in my road to ‘Cuckoldom’ so that others, who may be faced with these same challenges, will know that they are sane, normal human beings trying to be honest, loving and caring individuals seeking a full and honest relationship with their life-long partner, whom in my case, is dearingly called, wife.

It began with her being employed at a typical, full-time, 9-5  job as a sales clerk. She is a 5′ 4″ Polynesian ‘Hottie’ with a high metabolism, high energy, high sex driven personality that is wrapped in a soft-spoken, shy demeanor. Quite a contradiction at the get-go. Her work schedule often required her to ‘close up’ the store with another male associate who was quite the player himself, even though he was married. They began to get closer and closer over the following months and she, being flattered by all of his daily compliments about her good looks, as well as his slight sexual advances, began our journey into cuckoldry, unbeknownst to either of us. They began kissing here and there in the break areas, restrooms and back storage areas when they were alone which led to more and more daring sexual escapades. The whole while I was commuting an hours plane ride daily to ‘make-ends-meet’. I began to feel our relationship change slightly as she became less interested in sex over the year that followed. It was then that I began suggested to her about ways to spice up our sex life. This in no way was cuckolding – but just downright CHEATING on her part.

For a year I would try to suggest ways to make our sex life more interesting, all the while she was Fucking his BIG COCK after work. After months of talking about another partner we were all invited to her company Christmas party and her BF and his wife were there. Of course I was still in the dark about what was going on, but it was there that I asked my wife if she found him attractive. She said she did and we left it at that for a couple of days. After the New Years holiday  I began bringing up the idea of her trying to see if he would fool around with her, which she said she had no interest in; little did I know they had been intimate for months! …..(to be continued)