Having sex with a single man while james was either in the room or not isn’t new to our relationship. In the past through the swing social media sites there have been many opportunities for my desire to meet young single men looking for attractive MILF’s. With frequency came a random and unpredictable pleasure for me, and for james, becoming comfortable with this by discovering how aroused he became watching me or when I slipped away to be alone with someone. As our relationship has now transitioned to that of a cuckold couple and a desired “relationship of three”, I am more sensitive to how james’ witnessing occurs, what I desire for myself, and together how my boyfriend and I decide to control and restrict his physical and emotional pleasure.

When I had my first coupling as a ‘hotwife’, I instructed james to sit in the room across the hall from our bedroom. Not unusual from previous swing interludes except that he was naked and in chastity having to listen to my pleasure with ‘R’, my bull at that time. When finished we called james to enter the room to clean me up. At subsequent interludes with ‘R’, james was invited to be present to watch and take photos and videos, always in chastity to disallow spurting, and required to clean up any ejaculate.

Anne with 'R'

When my present boyfriend ‘A’ became my center of pleasure, I was also ready to try something new. As an experienced bull and understanding that it is important that both of us became more dominate with james to strengthen the intimate relationship of all of us, we have been expanding how to cuckold him. From the usual being present (naked in chastity, to watch and photograph), to not being allowed to be present, we have also begun to deny what senses he can use in his cuckold experience. For instance, one coupling experience ‘A’ texted requesting to have james laying on the floor by the foot of the bed when he arrived, blindfolded, not allowed to speak, and at the mercy of the sounds and smells of our pleasure and sex; cleanup was performed with me squatting over james’ mouth, still laying blindfolded, and then ‘A’ leaving with james never seeing him.


Of course the challenge of how we cuckold james is doing it so that it is deliberate but also doesn’t interfere with the pleasure ‘A’ and I are most needing.

When he is not allowed to be present in the room (or blindfolded!) but can hear us, james has admitted that his arousal from visual uncertainty is more intense than actually watching. He loves hearing my voice and the sounds and conversation between ‘A’ and me when we are together. Fortunately with smart phones, I discovered how easy it is to inconspicuously audio record an interlude. Just a couple clicks on “voice memos”, put the phone in a good location and forget about it. It is quite erotic listening afterward and watching james’ erect penis twitch as he listens, as often as he wants (but not allowed to intentionally spurt!) More to the point, the simplicity lets me lose myself with ‘A’.

For my most recent interlude and as a different change, ‘A’ asked to have porn playing on our bedroom television, preferably with me in it as a featured “porn star”. He knew that I had in the past made some private erotic videos so it was easy for james to have them ready for playing before sending him on errands in chastity. After arriving and the two of us going to the bedroom, I started the video streaming and we were soon enjoying our coupling while watching. Also, this time I was eager to try anal sex with ‘A’. It was something he wanted and was very slow and deliberate as he pushed and stroked his cock into me. Because of his size it will take a time or two more to have him fully inside me but it was a very erotic way to lead into other pleasures of our coupling, all of which was being audio recorded for james. After ‘A’ left and when james arrived home, in our bedroom and still tender from the sex, I described in detail my time with ‘A’ as best as I could. Later it was nice that james by listening to us on the audio recording could make his own visual image. Only a couple of photos were taken and actually the audio was a better representation of the erotic morning. It wouldn’t be until the next morning that I removed his penis block.

Foreplay and Climax (Audio Only)

Anal (Audio Only)

Mutual Climax (Audio Only)

What I have discovered is that I prefer to have “alone time” with ‘A’ when we get together so, unless ‘A’ has another reason for including him, I will send james on errands in chastity. Without his presence my pleasure is more intense and longer and with the simplicity of audio recordings and maybe a few photos taken, james agrees he feels emotionally very much part of those moments. Not that there is a choice. After all, it is my pleasure that is most important!