Hot Wives At Work

office_assume_the_positionI broke up the word hotwife above to illustrate that a wife can and should outwardly exhibit her sex appeal at work.

The vast majority of women who cheat, do so through an affair at work. This holds true for men as well and has for many decades, but in the last couple decades, the percentage of women ‘cheaters’ has approached that of the males as women become less willing to be repressed by others’ expectations of them. Rather than cheat, as all should know by now, I seek to encourage couples to consider welcoming the second male into the marriage and negating the need to cheat.

I’ve posted briefly before about hotwives in the workplace inĀ Hotwife Professional and The Office Hotwife, which detailed the nature of a workplace sexual adventure, but didn’t address a few points I’ll cover here.

The Workplace Boyfriend

office_affairWorkplace affairs come with added risk and added reward and such situations can offer the most intense experiences for the wife, her husband and, of course, the boyfriend. This is especially true if the wife’s sexual relationship is with her boss. This is a cliche for a reason: it happens quite often. The reasons for this are obvious and not so obvious. The obvious reason is close proximity and a lot of time together. The less obvious reason is a woman’s natural, sexual attraction to an appealing male in a leadership role. Working for him already provides the natural dominant/submissive roles, even if not actively seen as such and the working relationship provides the level of trust a woman needs to give in to such desires.

The added risk is pretty obvious: this is where she works and the man who may likely have hire/fire power over her. The reality is that in most cases, her boss will have far more to lose than she does in the event the relationship sours or just runs its course.

It’s more often someone other than the boss who catches the wife’s eye at work and as with her boss, the frequent interaction and time together at work can make for very sexy, prolonged foreplay via visual and verbal teasing.

The Office Tease

Visual foreplay (teasing) with her boyfriend at work.

By dressing as a hotwife for work, the hotwife entices her prospective boyfriend while also erotically teasing her husband who watches her dress in the morning knowing she’s going to be purposely teasing someone all day and can’t wait to hear how it went that night, in bed with her.

Bimbo Factor

Already, women reading this are shaking their heads and resisting the idea of showcasing their sex appeal at work. Only women who can’t get ahead as a professional stoop to that, right? Wrong. The reality is we all know who is capable and who is getting by through some other means, either on the work of others or simply by being attractive or related to someone. If you’re a sexy woman and good at what you do, your workplace perception as being good at what you do certainly won’t be tarnished, you’ll simply look hot while being awesome. Anyone likely to judge you simply for being hot and enjoying it very likely to judge you no matter what you do or don’t do.

I’m also not talking about sitting like this in front of everyone; might most notice you’re wearing stockings, sure. Will they have made an excuse to talk to you while standing where they can enjoy the sight of a lace decorated breast peeking through a gap in your fitted blouse?Yep. Will your husband go batshit crazy hearing about all this? You betcha. Will your boyfriend knock the bottom out of you when he finally gets the chance to? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Will they all get to see the stocking tops like the boyfriend will? Not necessarily, but if a wife wants to enjoy the reaction of her husband when she tells him about this guy or that guy having to adjust himself after watching her, she has that option. Part of the fun for a hotwife on display is choosing for herself when and where to tease the workplace boyfriend and/or others around him.

I’m also not talking about dressing trashy. Often the biggest differences in sexy or hot is in the details. Choosing a slightly shorter skirt or leaving on more button open on a nicely fitted blouse can be all that’s needed.

For me, there’s nothing sexier than a smart, capable woman taking full advantage of her sex appeal. Will I notice a bimbo on display? Sure, but will I regard her completely differently knowing she’s only eye candy – you bet. Women have had the option to be both professional and sexy for years now and simply aren’t taking advantage of it as they should.

Can every woman pull of this skirt suit? Maybe not, but for women who can, such expression is entirely fitting (pun intended).

Workplace Coupling

Most hotwife/boyfriend couples can’t find the privacy at work to enjoy coupling during the day and are limited to brief fondles, kisses, perhaps some making out during lunch. There are two elements to having enough privacy for a hotwife to take her boyfriend inside her at work: preventing others from seeing AND hearing that coupling. Many couples like this find themselves limited to visual teases, brief kisses and fondles, but if they practice being quiet privately, they can enjoy the fruits of that effort at work provided they at least have visual privacy.

Some women can learn to orgasm quietly, but some I’ve found simply can’t hold it in. It definitely takes some of the edge off a good orgasm to have to be quiet, but I think the mental arousal of having that orgasm in such close proximity to others is also very intense. The hotwife in this video may not even get her own orgasm due to her inability to keep it quiet, but is obviously enjoying how her boyfriend is making use of her sex for his own orgasm. Perhaps she’ll get hers later when they stop by his place after work – or, her cuckold will be the direct beneficiary by getting a horny, pre-fucked wife to enjoy when she gets home.

Everyone benefits!