Cock teased for a week, denied for three days; now you’ll get your punishment/reward.

You’ve been talking about it all week and now all that’s left is to wait for me to arrive.

Once she saw for herself just how willing you were to be her cuckold and put your own needs behind hers and behind mine, even, her hunger for new experiences within the lifestyle grew quickly. I know tonight is special, my first overnight stay, but you will help her get ready as you always do:

  • you help her bathe
  • you shave her legs
  • you kneel between her thighs and ensured the lips of her sex were as smooth as her bottom
  • you trim the curls on her mound into the landing strip I prefer
  • you helped slip on her stockings and her heels
  • you made up the couch; first for our foreplay, but also for your bed this night

Tonight, while we enjoy our foreplay on your couch, I’ll have her tell me how excited you were helping her get ready and she’ll admit I was right about that. I will ask her if it was exciting to see and feel your desire for her even though you knew you could not have her and she’ll say yes. I’ll ask her if she stroked your excited penis and caressed your swollen balls a bit as I instructed, to reward you for your attention.

Being the cuckold for a beautiful hotwife is never easy, even when it was your own encouragement that first opened her thighs to another man, but just look at her – does she not deserve the best cock even if it’s not yours?