The ‘sissy’ aspect to cuckolding is one of the less explored aspects by active cuckold couples, but necessarily rare. I’ve long held that putting a cuckold husband in panties can be an effective training and role reinforcement tool, but it dawned on me that the use of pantying a husband should probably be done more selectively.

Let me provide some context: most cuckold scenes, as expressed in cheap porn or popular media portray cuckolding as something the husband is victimized by. He’s bound and ‘forced’ to watch his wife be ‘ravaged’ by someone else, for example. I’ve always maintained a no-bondage rule, in most cases, for the cuckold attending his wife’s coupling with another man. Why? Because that’s the definition of submission. If he’s tied and has no real choice, it’s not submission. Yes, he submits to being tied, but then he has a subconscious out for his inaction during her mating. When he’s free and still remains seated, nude and forbidden from touching his terribly excited penis – then we’ve really achieved submission.

When we feminize a cuckold we assume that the act of feminizing him is another avenue of submission as being a male in panties (or more) is very humbling. While I still believe the practice of panyting a cuckold can be effective in that way, taking feminization further than that I think is counter-productive. When the gender role lines become blurred for the cuckold, the very foundation of what makes cuckold what it is becomes threatened.


Without the cycle of returning to a fully male state, the sissy may lose the gender perspective so important to properly cuckolding him.

I believe the mistake made with most sissies is allowing them to retreat too far into being a sissy and thereby having mental and emotional ‘cover’ from their role as  a cuckold husband. To combat this, the sissy must only be allowed to be feminized as part of a cuckold or femdom related scene and must (mostly) revert to his male status afterward. It should be the act of stripping him of manhood that should be the focus, not forcing him to spend more time not being a male. Men who need that are likely confused about their gender identity to begin with and that again completely muddles the entire cuckolding dynamic.

Just my two cents – would love to hear opinions.