Biology vs. Ideology

Female monogamy, enforced though the entirely artificial construct of “marriage”, is the most basic and enduring form of misogyny in the human experience. Pair-bonding is certainly critical to humanity’s development and individual happiness, but was never intended to codified into a false construct of sexual non-monogamy that marriage became through religious influence.

Most of us have been taught about the proliferation of species which mate for life, especially birds, but this notion is actually quite false. What is subversive about this idea is that we’ve scientifically known the opposite for going on three decades now thanks to genetic sciences. Humanity, as I describe in The Biology of Cuckolding, isn’t wired to be monogamous.

Humans, while still part of the animal Kingdom, are more complicated behaviorally and live in a more complicated environment than our fellow mammals. This means it’s simply not practical or safe for human behavior to be directly matched with other mammals. By this, I mean the practice of the mother wren sneaking off and coupling with multiple males every time she’s fertile isn’t a behavior we would want to encourage among humanity simply because of the inherent risks in such behaviors. But, simply extending a monogamous pair-bonding to include just one more male can make all the difference in being closer to our biological sexuality.