She wouldn’t even take off her top the time you finally convinced her to go to a clothing option beach, but now, for her lover, she’s not only naked, but accepted his challenge to display proudly what she offers for his pleasure.

Amazing, isn’t it? No, perhaps that’s not the word.

Humbling – yes, most definitely.

Erotic – undoubtedly.

It’s always conflicting when a cuckold witnesses his wife’s sexual growth at the encouragement of her lover, but such adventure is at the heart of what makes cuckolding work. Because of her cuckold, this hotwife is free to explore her sexuality knowing that she can always withdraw if needed; return to the safety and predictability of her life with her husband.

New sexual experiences are not only part of the adventure of having an extramarital lover, but also a necessity for a married woman needing to meet the sexual needs of a lover who could easily pursue another woman if she’s not fully committed, sexually.