Let us not forget that a cuckold’s wife has her own desire for submission as well.

A married pet should always be given the opportunities to demonstrate overt submission to her Master. These experiences are just as important for her own needs as they are for demonstrating and exercising the Master’s role to her submissive cuckold.

This desire is sometimes a bit overlooked because:

  • the husband’s desire to submit, as a cuckold, is often the catalyst for this lifestyle
  • the cuckold’s role is to submit first for his wife, then to her lover
  • the husband, as a submissive, is more counter to social norms than for the wife

Here we see captured a private ceremony where the wife’s status as owned pet is formalized before her husband and close friends in the lifestyle. By deepening her overt submission to her Master, her position of dominance over her cuckold is clarified even further.

Granted, were I this pet’s owner, you can be sure the cuckold would be beside her, his collar linked to hers, but each Master has their own preferences.