The following Monday, 8 days in.


As he walked back into the bedroom, he paused by her dresser to admire her body laid out on the bed, a pillow propped under her hips, legs dangling off the edge akimbo. Only one tiny rivulet of his semen leaked from her, glistening her perfectly presentable asshole. Looking past me sitting naked in the corner, he smiled to himself upon seeing her like this. She had been holding him inside her body for the moments he was away from her. Something made her want to retain his cum while he washed himself in the bathroom. Maybe she loved him already. He noticed a pile of pigtail rubber bands sitting on her dresser and almost without a thought, he picked up two and slid them down to the base of his still semi-hard cock. Purple and yellow, her two favorite colors


Now it is time to say something about Stephans cock. For lack of a better word, it is gnarly. In contrast to my perfectly average, circumcised, seven inch unit, his looks like a one pound yam. It is assymmettrical, with lumps and bumps and a wicked twist to the right when erect. It is veiny. The head end of it, which is blunt and broad with a deep uretheral crease,  is larger in girth than the base by a considerable amount. At first glance, in a flaccid state, it looks like the doctor was indecisive about the circumcision, removing half of his foreskin. The sight of it creates a curious visual effect when one considers that it is attached to a strong, broad shouldered, well proportioned male body, about six feet tall and 195 pounds.


She sat upright on the edge of our bed as he stepped towards her. A knowing smile passes between them, like two who share a special secret. She took his freshly washed cock and balls gently, cradling them in the palms of her perfect hands. I was reminded of the princess kissing the toad as she thoughtfully planted one small caress after another down its length. He watched her carefully now, an expression of deep concentration and understanding came over his face.


Looking into his eyes, she slid the tip of her little pink tongue under the top of his foreskin and, in one circular motion, peeled it back, revealing the meatus fully. Before she took the head into her mouth, she reached down and removed one of the hair bands from the base of his cock, handing it to him without looking at me. He slowly began braiding her hair into pigtails as she worked on him. First one side. Then, as she took him more fully, she removed the second band, handed it to him, and he braided the other. He took his time, letting her hair fall down to block my view,  gathering it up again to reveal my wife working his cock further and further down her throat. As he gathered her hair up again, he would lean back a little and pump his yam cock into her mouth in a manly, purposeful fashion.


When the time came, he withdrew from her mouth and, cradling her shoulders as he laid her back down on the bed, he adjusted  the height of her hips with pillows until her flush red peach was spread before him like a feast. Turning towards me, he wordlessly gestured for me to come forward with a crooked finger. It was the first time he had directly acknowledged my presence in our bedroom. When I didn’t move, he did it again, looking directly at me this time. I stood and stepped forward to them.


Without giving me any time for reconsideration, he silently took my right hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock. It was the first erection that I had ever felt, besides my own. He pressed the head down gently with one fingertip until it touched Marys wet clitoral hood. She lifted her head and, noticing my hand and his bringing his cock to her, she fell back into a swoon. With his hands removed completely, I gently worked the broad head of his wicked cock back and forth across her clit as it jumped and danced against him. I could hear her making soft sobbing sounds, like crying. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears.


After a minute, maybe five, I don’t know anymore. Anyway, at some point he placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled  himself away slightly until the tip of his cock found a purchase to splay the flesh cockscombs of her inner labia like the prow of a boat cutting a wake. He hesitated, allowing me to fully absorb this moment. Then, holding his cock fully in my fist now, we pushed it into her together until there was no cock left for me to hold. A pool of his previous deposit welled up and spilled out onto my fingers as his cock disappeared into her. Once he was fully buried, I left my hand at the point of their union for three or four deep strokes, gathering her slick lather and his semen on my fingertips, feeling their power. Wordlessly, I withdrew to my chair to watch them fuck perfectly. For some moments wasn’t sure that I was still breathing.


The previous Sunday night  she had laid in our bed, snuggled up close to me, falling asleep without our usual debriefing and reaffirmation chat after her first encounter with him. Unusual for a first time. While she slept, I remained awake in the dark, noticing that her body glowed with a radiant heat. I turned off the electric blanket without waking her.


By Wednesday night, knowing he would return for her on Friday, she wanted to talk about him. She couldn’t explain why, but she was fascinated by his ‘gnarly’ cock. In the darkness of our bedroom, as she expressed her fascination, she absentmindedly fondled my sex. It took no effort for me to remain flaccid as she wondered out loud whether it was the odd shape of his cock that made her feel his ejaculate wash across the mouth of her cervix so clearly. She squirmed in my arms as she elaborated about how ‘womanly’ (her word) the sensation made her feel.  “I guess I’m in love with him,.” And then, noticing the state of my penis, she kissed me deeply and fell into a peaceful sleep.


So now, as their tempo builds and he reaches the point of no return, she wraps her hand behind the nape of his neck and lifts her body allowing him a better purchase on her fertile cunt. When at last he begins to spill into her, her face becomes expressionless and her mouth falls open in amazement. A bead of sweat falls off of his nose and onto her heaving breastbone. She looks like a shark.  I know something about how she feels.