It was the evening of my 10th Anniversary. My wife and I had planned a night of dinner, dancing and romance at a restaurant, club and then a lovely hotel in the city. Oddly, after eating, we ran into a friend of hers from her work. Not wishing to be rude I invited him to join us for a drink.  As it happened, he not only shared a cocktail with us, but he also ended up sharing a dance with my wife before we left for our hotel.  It was a much more intimate dance than I would have expected, but she was having fun and well, I was enjoying watching them together.

As I checked in at our waterfront hotel, I watched my lovely wife take the elevator to the room as I finished with the clerk. Our two kids were staying with their grandparents for the weekend. For tonight, we were single again. An anniversary in a hotel like this would normally mean a hot night of sex. This night, however, was going to be different. We had role-played many cuckold scenarios, but now it was about to really begin.

Entering the suite, I slipped off my suit and hung it in the closet. I then removed the rest of my clothes, save for my boxers.  I quickly mixed her a drink from the mini bar. I made it a strong one.

“Come in, and put the drink down on my night table.” She called to me from within the suite.

I saw her sitting on the bed in just her stockings, heels , panties and bra. Her dress was also on the bed and she was taking off her jewelry. I thought I should just make love to her right then. As I was thinking about doing just that, she interrupted my thoughts.

“Hubby, be a good boy and put my dress on a hanger then come over here and take my shoes off.”

“Yes Dear” I responded automatically, suspecting I would not be doing any taking tonight, I dropped to my knees and removed her shoes.

“Hubby,” My wife began, “Would you like to know what happened on the dance floor with me and Roy?”

Please, Dear, I badly want to know”

“Very well, but you have to do me a favor. Roy has me so worked up I need to cum.” She slid around on the bed and slipped off her panties.” I want you to lick me while I talk to you. And don’t touch yourself….yet”

Of course I didn’t hesitate and began licking in earnest, leaving myself untouched. She began to tell me how she had lunch with him weeks earlier and how he had flirted with her and also at the last office party.

“Mmm that feels good, Hubby. I so love dancing with him. Did you see how close he held me? I thought you would cut in during the slow dance, why didn’t you?”

“I saw how much you were enjoying it Dear, and I wanted it to continue”

You wanted your wife to slow dance with another man in public? Hmmm, you are kind of wimp aren’t you?

“Yes Dear. I suppose I am”

“No Hubby, you ARE a wimp aren’t you? Only a wimp would let his wife embarrass him like that in public.

“I know, I am a wimp.”

“Didn’t you see his hands on my ass? Or see me feeling up his package with my hand? You didn’t do anything to stop him….or me, did you?

“Yes, I saw it Dear, it was like a dream come true. I didn’t want to stop it”

“Really? Well, if you’re not going to do anything to stop me. I guess we will have to make some more dreams come true won’t we Hubby?”

“Please ! You can take this as far as you want.”

“Oh, I think I see that I can. Trust me, I will take it as far as “I” want!”

I continued to lick her as she told me of how strong Roy was and how firm and thick Roy’s erection seemed in her hands. I had never felt as submissive as I did at that moment.

“Hubby, If I actually dated him, would you lick me like this after I returned home for a date ?

I just moaned my assent not believing she was serious. Surely this was just another role play.

“Hmmm, even knowing I had slept with him?”

“Oh God, yes! Please Dear” I  implored her again feeling how wet it was making her.

“I have a little test for you then, I want you to get me my BIG vibe from the suitcase and play with yourself while I use my toy to get myself off. You know….. I will be imagining it is Roy inside me, can you handle that ? By the way, from what I felt on the dance floor, I think Roy is about as big as that toy!”

We had played games like this before. This time it was a real person who she was speaking of. I quickly retrieved the 10 inch long vibe. It always made me feel more than a little inadequate as it was twice as long and twice as thick as I am. I  was also always amazed that she had so little trouble taking the whole thing inside her. It always made me think about how small I am, and how her body was clearly built for something much bigger than what I have between my legs. Tonight, she had found someone the size of that monster toy!

“Now Hubby, this time I want you to come first” my wife continued to instruct me. “You will jerk yourself off for me. When you do come, I want you to cum on my pussy. Not in my pussy. Understand ?

“Yes Dear” I answered

“It may be awhile before anything of yours goes in my pussy” She teased. “Now start stroking I want you to cum quickly”

I  watched as my now increasingly dominant wife worked her toy in and out and around her very wet pussy. She moaned and called out Roy’s name as her hips moved on the toy, taking in its length and stretching her pussy lips obscenely. As she had wished, I couldn’t hold out very long. I watched the lurid scene in front of me, knowing my wife was imaging that it was Roy’s cock not mine. I could tell she wanted it to be the cock she had massaged on the dance floor that very evening.

“I am going to cum !” I trumpeted as I came longer and harder than I could remember. Rope after rope of thick cum landed on her neatly trimmed blonde bush and pussy!

“Now lay down on your back, on the bed.” She commanded

I  laid down on the bed as I was told to do. She moved over to where I was still panting and placed her knees on either side of my head. Staring down at me she said;

“Show me how a “good hubbie” licks his wife when she gets home from a date. And Hubby….I want you to remember that next time it won’t be your cum you’re licking. Now clean me slut and make me cum!

I had never heard her talk like this! My desire to clean her was very much diminished after my own orgasm, but she left me no choice. This was more an act of Dominance on her part. I saw I had no choice in the matter. My cum was salty and thick and not at all pleasurable as I licked it. Amazingly, my wife was so into the moment, grinding into my face that she began to shiver and rock herself to a mammoth orgasm in but a few minutes.

“Thank You Dear.” I found myself saying as to my wife as she collapsed next to me on the bed.

“Your welcome slut.” She responded. “I want you to stay like you are tonight, naked with cum on your face, I like you like that.”

“Whatever you wish. That was amazing. I have never seen you like that! Where did you get those ideas?” I asked as my wife cuddled next to me.

Well…..Since we are being so honest here tonight, I must confess I was using your computer the other day. I think you forgot to erase your “history” folder. I read some of the pages you had been to about “slut wives and cuckolds”. I found the stories and things that you had bookmarked. Meeting Roy wasn’t an accident either, I told him where we would be so he could ‘bump into us’ “

“As I understood it from reading some of them,” My wife went on, “some husbands not only give up their sexual rights to their wife but they surrender their right to have penetrative sex with her, all while still being faithful , regardless of her affairs. Is that it?

Yes, as I read, but….” I was interrupted.

“And his wife becomes his “Mistress” deciding when, how and IF he can have sex?”

“Yes that is it, but I don’t know if I could handle not being inside you.” I tried to reason with her.

“Don’t be silly hubby, I wouldn’t deny you  for that long.” She giggled a bit. “How serious are you about me cuckolding you?”

“I want it more than anything” I said truthfully.

She was still laying by me on the bed in her sexy lingerie. She moved above me again. I  watched her breasts sway as she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to be committed to being a cuckold, motivated as they say” she said.

“I am very motivated!” I said “There is nothing I want more!

“Good Boy! Then here is the plan. I want you to agree that you not only won’t get to have sex with me until you are a cuckold, but that you won’t even orgasm until I sleep with another man.” She looked down at me, her wimp of a husband to see if I would surrender to even this indignity.

“If that is what it takes, I will do it!” I said.

“Wonderful! My wife beamed. “ I’ll work on making you a cuckold this week! But for tonight, I don’t want to waste this romantic room……………I need you to help me cum again and again tonight…………You on the other hand, won’t be cumming nor inside me…. or any woman until you are My cuckold.”

Moving to straddle my face once again, she smiled like a Cheshire cat and whispered “Happy Anniversary my cuck to be! ”