As mentioned in our updates and profile, james and I have recently evolved from a ‘swing’ to a cuckold couple. Being in the swing lifestyle for as long as we have been married (29+ years), we have developed some very close friendships as a result (and not just for the bedroom). There is no question that the swing lifestyle has been a positive and fun experience over the years and because of various get-togethers I was able to explore and discover a greater sexual pleasure than what james could give me. It also allowed james to understand the positive from this and the intense pleasure that we each can differently draw from it. There is no doubt that the most important result is a tremendous trust and understanding that has come to better define us as a cuckold couple rather than a swing couple.

Anne Swing 1

Uncertain yet about how to describe to others our cuckold marriage, and because we know future invitations can happen, our thinking right now is how can we blend our cuckold relationship with going to swing gatherings, reasons more for connecting with those fun friendships that we enjoy rather than the bedroom romps. If we go to a swing party, and being dressed to be displayed, do I continue as in the past and take the hand of those that lead me into the bedroom?…this is a possibility based on my past behavior and the aggressive nature of some guests. Do I allow myself to be intimate with another man? Should I get permission before from my boyfriend? Or do I politely decline and make up an excuse? And at the same time, if he is approached, should I deny james to be pleasured by another woman?

This has been an ongoing conversation between us for awhile without any conclusions until recently when we were invited to a party for a close friend who we met through the swing lifestyle. It was not a question of whether or not we would attend. It was a birthday party and the guest of honor, ‘T’, is dear……and very well-endowed, which made it easier to decide how the party could be fun, bent in our way. We agreed that I would only have an interlude with ‘T’ as my bull for the evening.

The party had an early start and there would be a lot of familiar faces and catching up with friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Within minutes after arriving to the party, ‘T’ and I embraced and I whispered in his ear that I wanted to be the first to blow out his “birthday candle”. He was more than happy to hear my wishes and immediately confided in me that he would be celebrating by not counting the drinks and that I should not wait too long. Since he gave me the heads up about the drinking, I kept an eye on him; I did not want to miss my opportunity!

The invitation we received encouraged the women to dress in sheer clothing. Since the party started in the late afternoon and arriving guests would be fully visible to the neighborhood of the party location, those who wanted to dress to the theme had to change clothes after arrival. In the car to the party and for the first 30 minutes after arriving I wore a striking blue strapless maxi-dress and white 4” wedge sandals. After some conversation with other guests, I  had james privately help me change into a long form fitting white sheer knit lace dress matched with the same heels and with a white thong panty visible underneath. The outfit displayed perfectly my statuesque figure and immediately caught the eye of ‘T’ (not to mention others that I was not interested in).

Anne 5


After some time it was evident that any of the typical swinger playing wasn’t going to happen right away. Guests were busy socializing, drinking and eating the light meal that was served. Though there were a couple of aggressive men who made advances toward me to “take my hand”, I brushed them aside knowing I was saving myself for ‘T’. Having been with ‘T’ before, I knew for a fact that he was a true bull and I wouldn’t be disappointed. Some of the others, I also knew would be less than satisfactory. It was exciting to me (and james) to go into the party with a sense of purpose and empowerment. I wasn’t going to play with men for the sake of ‘everyone’s doing it so I might as well too.’ James also refrained from the advances that he received from several women. He wasn’t in chastity but behaved as if he were.

Anne 3


Not too long into the party I was able to find my way to sitting next to ‘T’ alone on a couch. While we chatted, I noticed a pillow on the floor at his feet. Feeling the exhibitionist in me, in view of the room and others, I kneeled on the pillow in front of him signaling for him to pull out his cock and let me suck and stroke it until it was very swollen and erect. Eager to feel his penetration, I followed him back to a bedroom where we immediately lay on the bed with clothes coming off, and began kissing and fondling each other. james, by invitation, had followed us into the room and watched for a while commenting admiringly on the size of ‘T’ and then left to give us privacy. The last thing I wanted was any distraction while I was getting complete pleasure. It didn’t take long for ‘T’ to push his cock into me and the thrill I felt was incredible. After several minutes on the edge of mutual full climax another couple suddenly entered the room to watch us. That certainly took the wind out of my sails. Soon the woman was teasing ‘T’ with her swollen clit, and contrary to enjoying ‘T’, her boyfriend was inviting me to suck his limp penis. It was pointless and uninspiring, so I excused myself and got up and dressed, then left and returned to the party, conflicted by what I enjoyed but not fully satisfied. I saw james on a couch, sat down next to him and teased him with the details of what had just happened.

The party continued on. While others were drifting back to the bedrooms we stayed clear to avoid any awkward moments of “hand tugging”. We enjoyed ourselves regardless and continued to chat with others for awhile. When some guests started leaving, we decided to join them, making sure I said goodbye to ‘T’ with a kiss.

The evening didn’t end for us then. A long drive home allowed us to talk about the party, from me describing again the sexy details of my time with ‘T’ (interrupted as it was) to both of us chuckling over the funny and quirky moments of the evening such as ‘D’ with his 3-D scanner, scanning the hostess’s naked to body to create a life-sized sculpture for the birthday ‘bull’. By the time we arrived home I was feeling relaxed and sleepy but once in bed and after some intimate kissing with james, feelings of empowerment and arousal seized me. I was quick to ask james, whose penis had become fully erect, to give me some oral pleasure…and not long after I directed him to put on the sheath, well lubricated for my pleasure. Fucking myself on the sheath never felt so good. After four strong orgasms, I contentedly removed the sheath and for being such a good cuckold for the evening stroked james’ penis to a ruined but intense ejaculation.

In retrospect the evening was enlightening for the two of us. We learned and feel confident that when it may occasionally happen, we can go to a swinger event by setting boundaries honoring our cuckold marriage. Most importantly I discovered the boundaries are only as good as the sexual empowerment I embrace. In a group setting, and in front of james, it was easy and exciting to control someone else’s desires to what I needed. If a bull is not present I also know james can later assist me otherwise 🙂

Did the evening give us a complete resolution to the swing conversation? No. But admittedly our cuckold relationship, in a manner, is a recent change and the subject moving forward creates good conversation between the two of us. What is certain is that the interaction with the swing side reaffirms that a steady cuckold relationship of three is more exciting and satisfying.