It all began a year and a half ago when fuckdoll’s husband contacted me for assistance with their progress into the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. My first post about them, verified: Fuckdoll Mel, introduced them to our community. I encourage anyone not already familiar with them to at least read the first post before continuing here in order to have some context for what comes next.

This short video, taken while fuckdoll was at work, partially illustrates why I named her fuckdoll, but beyond simply her looks, she’s also a very smart, capable young woman who happens to be very comfortable being seen and enjoyed as the means of sexual enjoyment for older, assertive males.

In September of 2016, I introduced some of the training mel and her cuckold were getting from me.

fuckdollMel and cuckold4Mel In Training

This training seemed effective at first and seemed to take them in the direction they needed while developing mel as a more dominant hotwife.

Having fuckdoll bind her nipples for me taught us both a few lessons like the boundary between pleasure and suffering for her nipples and proved to me she would indeed suffer to make me proud of her. It also taught her much more about herself which led directly to having her nipples decorated on a more permanent basis.

My next update about the couple was Two-date Week. During this time, mel and her cuckold practiced the denial and preparation practices I had been teaching them as well as the process for fuckdoll to share details of her dates with her cuckold.

Sadly, all of this wasn’t enough for her cuckold and he returned to a dissatisfied state, much as he’d been when he first contacted me. He wasn’t dissatisfied with his level of inclusion or even his denial, but somehow expected much more of fuckdoll in terms of her dating and activity as a hotwife. This expectation, based on the reality of such activity and the needs of fuckdoll, were irrational – but that wasn’t known to me when I began this training with them. This was the beginning of him withdrawing from contact with me and choosing to stop actively being her cuckold. Strangely enough, he told me directly that he still wanted me to stay in touch with fuckdoll and continue her training and was still permissive of her dating, he simply didn’t involve himself. As some of you might realize, this is a bad sign.

One party withdrawing from a relationship always makes things unstable. It seemed that his expectations of fuckdoll and of their relationship were irrational and the challenges he had hoped I would help solve for them were never really possible to be solved based on his perspective and personality challenges.

Despite a lot of effort by both, their marriage is something that cannot be saved and as I write this, they are separated. They were smart to make this split while they still have a good relationship and continue to work together without personal friction and both seem happier. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

What IS meant to be is mel being a fuckdoll and that, fortunately, will continue as will my training of her.

Looking better than ever, eh?

Fuckdoll had several dates this week, though one fell through due to weather. As with all pets I own/coach, I required her to not be fucked on the first date so she can determine who is in it to date her and not just who is in it for the moment.

Men have to be at least in their mid-30s to have any chance with her and will also have to gain my approval, even if they don’t know about me, if they want to keep seeing her. Her most recent date is pretty vanilla, but I’ll work with fuckdoll on the best ways to introduce her true needs to whomever we determine will be in her stable of studs.