Ok, since I’m posting this, I guess she’s a celebrity at some level.

Courtney Stodden. Fuck puppet.

There is certainly something a bit refreshing about a woman who is equipped for one role in life, welcomes it, and explores it to the fullest.

I remember when she made the scene as an alleged 16-year old marrying her 51-year old  husband. I recall thinking:

  1. definitely doesn’t look 16 (above the neck)
  2. good for them if they’re happy
  3. she has already or would cuckold him and he would welcome it

As far as I know, despite some separation and reconciliation, they are still married.

Courtney was an attention whore from the start and certainly represented the ‘bimbo’ faction quite well. I don’t use the term as an insult, simply describing her for what she offers the world – her sex appeal.

I knew there was no way her slightly gaydar older husband was any sort of real leader in their marriage, despite his age.

The images below are from some promotional thing they did, I’m guessing, to cash in on what interest they can generate. Again, I don’t fault them for that – she’s certainly easy on the eyes and an ideal candidate for being a hotwife.

Pretty much nails it, right? Of course it could be said this was just a way to generate attention and that she’s not actually dating him. Unless one of the three decide to speak openly about the nature of things, all the rest of us can do is speculate – something couples considering public dating for their wife and her boyfriend should keep in mind.

I’m sure she’s been cuckolding him from the start, or nearly so, and either she put her foot down and said she wasn’t going to hide it anymore or he realized this is simply another way to generate some attention.

I’m sure she’s much happier now – as is he since he still gets to be with a woman who is way above his weight class even though intellectually she’s probably still about 15 years old.

If their separation is a real thing, I have to imagine that they failed to follow The Golden Rule as pertains to her dating and that allowed  a divide between them.

Perhaps he’ll see this and stop in and chat with us!