I discovered this couple’s Tumblr (Going Solo With Him) recently and was very impressed with what I found and realized it needed to be shared with the community. Though not new to her being a hotwife, their lifestyle has taken a decidedly cuckold marriage turn in the last couple years. As is often the case, the catalyst for this event was finding the right guy as her boyfriend. Below is an epic example of a cuckold documenting their lifestyle in a manner that will leave some cuckolds extremely envious, terribly anxious – or both.

How intense would that be for any husband? Now contemplate their blog title again and consider the idea of him watching and documenting their coupling while being officially excluded from enjoying what he is witnessing.

From May, 2012:

“Well, as you know J and I have been talking about it, and he really likes the idea of having me all to himself. So I’ve decided that we will be exclusive to one another from now on. I want him to know that nobody else has had me between our meetings. I think it’s only fair that you should have one more time with me, because you didn’t know that our last time was he last. And I think you should do that today, so that we can get started: I’m meeting J on Thursday and I want you to know that he’s doing what you are no longer allowed.”.

Quite an amazing statement, isn’t it? While that’s certainly an erotic intention, the real pleasure (and bonding through it) comes via their implementation of this new accord. The reason I felt it important to share this couple with the community is how perfectly each plays and enjoys their role. The wife is perfectly aware of the sacrifice her husband has made and works with her boyfriend to make sure he feels both the weight and the reward of that sacrifice.

going-solo-creampieHer pair-bonding with J was now *the* sexual relationship, not *a* sexual relationship and with this new certainty, I masturbated openly for the first time while J knelt between her thighs, his cock assertively plunging into her as he worked up to his climax. I came easily, and as I was cleaning myself up J came inside her noisily and relaxed. I watched his cock gradually deflate, and slide out of her together with J’s come, reminding me of what the future held.

After J had gone home, we went to bed and held each other very tenderly. We kissed and I felt very, very loving, but I knew that there would be no going back.

Such awareness of his situation and finding both comfort and pleasure in it is as much a reflection of how his wife and her boyfriend treat their cuckold as it is a reflection of his appreciation for what is happening.

That is how a couple’s Dom effectively involves their cuckold.

From a recent post:

As I’d spent most of the day cleaning the bedroom and kitchen, she chose to unlock me and lead me upstairs where we kissed and cuddled for a while. Then she asked if I would like to go inside her for a special treat and although my cock was only just about getting used to its new freedom after over a week in the cage, I slid into her very wet pussy. She smiled and said she was still very full of J’s come and asked how it felt. I said it felt like she was J’s woman now, and she said that she was: she reminded me that she’d fucked him nine times since we had last had sex, and her tone suggested that proportion was likely to go up, not down. Needless to say, I came quickly and hard, leaving her leaking a mix of my sperm and J’s onto the clean bed.

So I’m currently unlocked again, and the “for a while” she gave herself to J exclusively seems to be over for the time being. However, she clearly sees this use of the chastity cage as a success, and I’m expecting to be asked to put it back on when it suits her.

I think it’s valuable to note that while she did let him inside her, it was a) after her boyfriend and b) of her own choosing without expectation by her cuckold. While not definitive exclusivity, the fact that it’s entirely up to her when and if her husband enjoys what her boyfriend can take as he wishes still makes it her boyfriend’s pussy before her husband’s as her husband is well aware.

A bull will enjoy fucking another man’s wife in front of him just for the thrill of the sex without really appreciating what that experience must be like for the cuckold. A Dom understands how the details and demonstrations of his role as their Dom play a deep role for both the hotwife and her cuckold.

This couple obviously deserves recognition for their practice of their lifestyle, but their Dom, in my opinion, deserves special recognition for improving their marriage and emotional bond as only a true Dom can.