You said you wanted to watch…

A cuckold’s wife steadies herself against her husband’s thigh with one hand while using the other to help pose her husband’s restrained penis for this portrait.

This is what including the cuckold is all about.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice the feet and legs of her stud behind her, already teasing her wetness with his cock. In just a few moments from now, their cuckold will be working to keep her steady against the thrusts of his cock inside her.

Based on her stockings and heels, I’m assuming they were out on a date that night while leaving their cuckold at home awaiting their return.

Having returned home, the couple couldn’t even wait long enough to get her naked or remove his chastity, let alone make it to the bedroom. Fortunately, their cuckold is there to lend assistance with their coupling.

As a side note, you’ll notice they employ a numbered tag in lieu of a padlock; this is my recommendation. They can be bought online in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. I prefer using these as they provide better flexibility without sacrificing security.

For example: the cuckold’s Dom could have easily called while they were out on their date and informed her cuckold they expected his penis restrained immediately to prevent further masturbation while he is unsupervised. The cuckold would have then fitted his chastity device and locked with with the numbered seal, taking a picture of it to be sent to their Dom.

You can easily see that if the cuckold had removed the seal to jerk off while they were gone it would have been obvious to his wife as she braced herself against his thighs to take her man’s cock.

The numbered tag seals are also great for keeping your cuckold restrained when traveling since the padlock won’t cause any closer scrutiny – unless that’s desired!