I have to admit not being very familiar with this reality TV show, but just on the surface, I have to point out what an idiot this guy is being. Choosing to have a relationship with a woman so appealing – who enjoys being appealing – and letting petty jealousy control the decisions, is a recipe for misery and failure.

“90 Day Fiance” star Paola goes against her husband Russ’ request that she not wear lingerie outside of the bedroom.When the Colombian model was cast to star in a reggaeton music video, Russ asked her not to wear lingerie or anything too revealing.

Source: ’90 Day Fiance’s’ Paola defies husband’s orders and wears lingerie in music video shoot | Fox News

Jealousy is a natural emotion, but it’s one we can choose to express or choose to manage. Failing to manage it will always have negative consequences for relationships –  something I’ve learned first-hand.

This situation – and the woman herself – reminds me of the girl I thought would be my second hotwife experience. She was a tall, pretty, natural blonde with an unbelievable body that had been kept well hidden under the required uniform for work. I wasn’t really trying to seduce her, I just found her appealing from a personality perspective first, so flirtation just happened. I knew she was married, but after finding out she was quite responsive to my flirting, I found out through some friends that she and her husband were separated.

We went out casually a couple times – to my favorite club. I found out she loves to dance which was great because dancing is ritualized sex just as sports are ritualized combat.

The tension between us was pretty thick but I wanted to be patient and let it be her choice. The third weekend she mentioned she was going shopping and was quite surprised that I would be happy to go with her. What truly shocked her – and likely sealed the deal for us and the fate of her marriage – were the sort of dresses I suggested she wear for clubbing now that I had seen her out of her uniform. I picked a few out and encouraged her to try them on. I half expected her to refuse, but she didn’t.

One, in fact, looked very much like the babydoll nightie worn by Paola. It was white and had spaghetti straps with plunging cleavage and she looked absolutely stunning in it. It ended just below mid-thigh and made my jaw drop.

“That’s the one!” I told her. She was hiding in the changing area and I urged her out into better light to see her. I could see the anxious excitement on her face.

“You’d really want me to wear this in public with you?” The tone of her voice was both incredulous and hopeful.

Her husband would have been happy to have her wear a full burka as worn by women in Islamist countries anytime she was out of the house.

I bought her the dress and while we ate lunch she opened up more about why they were separated and how suffocated she felt by her husband’s possessiveness and insecurity. I understood why she was so shocked a man would want a woman to enjoy being a woman.

Sadly, the timing of this relationship was unfortunate and I knew when it started that it would have to end long before I would want it to since I was leaving the state in just a couple months. Still, we made the most of that time and were together pretty much every day.

I did share with her some of my experience with the first couple I was with so she could know that embracing her sexuality, even as a married woman, could work for her. I never did share her with another male, beyond visually, but had we remained together much longer, I would have introduced her to that so she could experience being adored, valued, and shared.