A few days before Christmas, a sincere happy holidays wish texted to ‘A’ and his more than just a polite return text turned into a spontaneous and fantastic sexy gift for me.

“You’ve croased my mind a few times lately. I keep thinking about your door opening and seeing you in your heels a long robe and those white panties.
Loved seeing you knowing I would have my hands and mouth all over you
Let me ask this way. I can come after work or take a long lunch and come see you around noon. Which would you prefer? Once i have the thought of seeing u in my head it consumes me.”

After a weekend of work and errands, I️ desperately needed some time for myself before family began arriving later in the week and with it the beginning of holiday chaos. Of course I️ replied “yes” to “after work” and looked forward to my unexpected evening with ‘A’. I let james know to expect ‘A’ and to have the bedroom ready for us and to be wearing his penis block. 😏

Getting ready for the evening, james carefully selected and helped me dress in my outfit…sheer flowing black chiffon pants, shiny sleek off the shoulders black crop top, heels, and of course visible through the sheer pants, red satin thong panties in keeping with the holiday theme.
Feeling very sexy, I️ was sitting reading in the living room, near the Christmas tree and in full view of the front window when ‘A’ arrived. I welcomed him in, displaying my outfit for him before we sat down together on the couch. With james serving us, we all joined in friendly conversation getting caught up over a glass of wine. After awhile when ‘A’ and l started kissing, james, in his block, was excused to his work studio; I️ then eagerly led ‘A’ to my bedroom.

Audio before…very abbreviated.

Having started the audio recording on my phone upon ‘A’s arrival (he likes that james only gets to listen later), I️ brought the phone with me and carefully set it down on the headboard. Within seconds ‘A’ and I️ were passionately kissing; after all it had been a good six months since the last time we were together. Standing by the bed, after kissing with some mutual fondling, I️ helped ‘A’ undress and began sucking his already erect black cock. Stopping for a moment he then expertly and gently pulled my pants and panties off and carefully laid them aside. I️ left my heels and top on and felt so sexy being only partially dressed while continuing to suck.
Quickly after I️ was consumed in pleasure as ‘A’ aggressively yet gently pushed me back on the bed and with my help raised and spread my legs as he eagerly used his tongue arousing me to near climax. Minutes later I couldn’t resist anymore and I️ then grabbed him and kissed him so I️ could also enjoy my own sweet taste. It didn’t take long for us to get into and enjoy a comfortable rhythm with his black cock pleasuring me. During nearly an hour of losing ourselves in each other I climaxed hard and he ejaculated deep in me.

Audio of the delight in the bedroom…it’s long!

Lingering in pleasure after, I️ texted james to return to the bedroom and show him the evidence of our evening…yes, some very wet sheets. After he saw the results of what had happened (the swelling in his block became quite a sight) he offered to serve us a drink and then left me and ‘A’ alone for pillow talk.

Audio after…to the point.

Unfortunately good things must come to an end. As ‘A’ got dressed, so did I️…making sure to allow his semen to soak my panties. In the past I️ would insist that james clean me up as ‘A’ witnessed…this was a much different “tease” for james.
Once ‘A’ left, and james made us a light late night meal of salad, I️ could then share with my loving cuckold the details of the evening…him still swollen in his block and me wearing my soaked panties. My Christmas gift to james was letting him reach into my red panties soaked with the evidence of my erotic evening with ‘A’ and feel the wetness of his semen in my pussy.

Getting together with ‘A’ unexpectedly made for a very sexy holiday treat and definitely more to look forward to in the new year…as I️ received this text reminder from him just yesterday…😊

“this is one of those days where I wake up thinking about you and it’s just barely noon. I don’t know why the thought of you turns me on so much. It’s always been that way.”