This is how my wife looked like this morning. Very satisfied!

This because she took the chance to meet a potential lover in a bar near of our flat yesterday evening. The appointment was made via a popular german dating-site and she explained to him in advance that she will show up together with me and she expects him to simply ignore me while approaching her.

Despite of the guy’s lack of experience as a lover in the cuckold lifestyle he did perform amazingly and hit on her as if I don’t exist.

I had to watch completely powerless how they attracted each other more and more and so it was no surprise when my wife told me that they will leave now for our bedroom and I have to follow in a distance of at least 20 meters.


This was what I had to clean up this morning.

I am trained to serve drinks in situations like that and when I entered the bedroom with my tablet both of them were already undressed and started their fun in our marital bed. I had to watch them having sex over and over and it seemed like never-ending until I was ordered to serve two big glasses of water beside the champagne.

Without even looking at me her new lover left being aware  of that he will be invited again very soon.