The only women who assert that size doesn’t matter are the women who have only had a full sized cock.

Of course size matters – especially to the cuckold. For the cuckold, being mouse-hung becomes a badge of honor, a point of pride. It is also a subconscious protection and justification for accepting and even enjoying a larger, thicker organ replacing them inside their wife.

Many wives are hesitant to discuss their husband’s inadequacy, let alone tease him about it – even lovingly, but rest assured, ladies, your husband is well aware of his diminutive state.

For husband who have come to terms with genitals that failed to properly mature during puberty, open recognition of their state serves as an expression of their submission as a cuckold. Rather than ignore the miniature organ and testicles, find new uses for it.

It has become an accepted stereotype that most cuckolds have a small penis, but the reality is that most cuckolds have an average penis and many have an above average penis. Coming to a decision to engage in cuckolding is likely easier for those couples where the husband is physiologically incapable of sexually satisfying her, but I think cuckolding has significantly more meaning for those couples where the husband’s penis is or at least was fully capable before the wife chose – or accepted the path of offering her intimate pleasures to someone else.