It Is Worth The Pain

Many couples have great sex – for a while at least. Then life happens; kids, bills, perhaps she does not like her mother-in-law or that he hired her brother and then fired him…

I think we will all agree that things happen and soon things are not the same. In time, sex becomes diminished. Sex gets old, like a new car, it can get old fast. Maybe some are lucky but I think this is true for most. For my wife and I, sex was never that great. Finally, we spoke and the truth came out. It was almost too late for the truth. Intercourse had been cut down to almost none. She would give me a handjob. And I would give her oral. I knew she was not satisfied. I had thought about her being with another man for a very long time. By this, I mean I thought about it since we met, since we first dated. From time to time, I would bring this up. And each time we spoke about it, I get an erection. Or if I already had an erection, it became stronger, stiff and larger. My wife noticed this. But, I would be afraid to bring this up. I did sometimes; but felt bad about it after. Finally, I said to her, please lets talk truthfully. I asked her if she had thoughts of a larger penis. I asked her if she were attracted to the guy at the party I saw her talking to. I asked her if she thought about the very few lovers she had before we met (all of which were larger than me). We really talked. I opened the cuckold-husband door. and I saw her concerns. She expressed that swinging would not be okay. I will not bore you with a conversation that my wife and I had; but, simply put, a one-way open relationship clearly was the only way this could ever work (if we were to stay together). We spoke for a real long time. Now I knew what was true. And she knew what was true. After our talk, and for some time thereafter, we spoke much more openly and honestly.


And with this truthfulness came an understanding.

It was at this point in time that our passion greatly increased and sex our marriage now included sex. But, I knew that the reality was, that my wife needed another man. And so it was that my wife agreed to be with another man. But, as I indicated earlier in this writing, I had always thought about this. So she needed it and I had always wanted it.

The first experience was not that long ago so the reader should know that I have not totally adjusted yet. As I wrote about in under a prior title, the anticipation is a large part of the process. This is compounded by the fact that I wanted my wife, from the very begining, to be with another man. My wife and I were together when she (we) met him. He was younger than both of us. He was in his twenties. He was european and had the Euro look that she adored in a man. He was very good looking. It was a funny feeling for me. We met him while we were away. He was working when we met him. The chemistry was there between my wife and him. But he would not be able to meet us at our hotel for several hours. We made a time that he would meet us at the bar of our hotel. And so this chapter of anticipation began. Intuitively, I wanted to help my wife prepare. We went to a local Bloomingdales. There I helped her pick out a pair of bra of panties. I was very excited knowing that he would be seeing her in this underwear. Knowing that I was helping her pick out something another man who enjoy was so engaging for me. It was a jolt, something that was very special and something that caused me to feel hurt and jealous. Seeing my wife so excited about being with another man, was, yes, causing me jealousy, and like I was allowing her to betray me. But, my erection was as hard a rock. Lots of thoughts were going thru my mind. And I wanted to be truthful to myself. I knew that my penis was not large enough for my wife. I knew that she was not satisfied. I knew my erections were not lasting as long as they should and that i was not even hard enough for her to begin with. I knew that my wife needed more all along. And after we purchased the bra and panties, we also purchased a dress that showed her breasts. Her 36C breasts looked wonderful in this short dress. And my wife wanted new lipstick. A new shade. And we purchased a new pair of heels. She was to look smashing for this guy. Never had I seen her so excited. When we got back to our hotel room, I helped her shower and shave her legs and under her arms. She really did not need this but she wanted to look beautiful for her new lover.

Getting Her Ready

We talked as I helped her prepare. I wanted to make love to her so badly. But, I knew it was Steve (that’s his name) who she wanted to make love with. It for sure, was not me. My head was spinning. I am a thoughtful and sensitive guy. And I totally loved my wife. As i helped her with her hair, I thought about how he would be messing it up. How the lipstick would be coming off her lips because of Steve kissing them. And I thought, and frelt relieved, that maybe he was not into kissing. and then I thought maybe he is into kissing and he’ll kiss better then me. With that thought I wondered if she would tell me that he kissed better than me. And then I said it, I said to my wife, please tell me how he makes you feel, even if he is better at something, tell me the truth. She promised she would tell me the truth. And then my wife said to me that I should tell her after it’s over, how it felt for me, and to tell her if I fell sad and upset or glad and excited or excited and upset (she laughed). She said her girlfriend told her (the first I heard of she and her gf talking about this) that some men feel humiliated and some like this feeling.

Taking That Step

I knew that I would feel humiliated. And I knew my world was about tobe rocked. When it was time (7:00 PM) we went to the bar. She sat and I stood next to her. She had a vodka gimlet and I had a club soda. And in about 10 minutes, I saw Steve. He looked at me and smiled. I said to my wife (her back was to him as he walked), I think your new friend is here. And so it was that Steve and I shook hands. My wife, having turned around on the bar stool, looked at him. He touched her hand and held it, and then he kissed my wife on the cheek.

Yes, I was jealous. For a young guy he had confidence. I said I was jealous, and I mean really jealous.

He pulled a bar stool from a few feet away (as I thought maybe I should have done this) and he placed it next to her. So Steve and June (I am using this name for her for this writing) were now looking at one another, talking and for sure flirting. He was on her right side and I stood at her left side. Steve looked very excited and June was more excited than when we dated. My wife took my left hand, and squuezed it gently, she glanced at me and said “I think we have a good catch, don’t you think sweetie? Steve is so nice, I think we are both going to enjoy him”. And with saying that, she took her right hand and held his left hand. Their hands were joined together on the bar. And I wondered what she meant about us both enjoying Steve. Soon my wife let my hand go and she shifted her body so she was just speaking with him. She was asking him about his work and if he had a girlfriend (he said he didn’t) and where/with whom he lived (his parents). BTW, Steve was 25 years old. I told them to get to know each other and that I’d be back in a few minutes. I walked around the hotel. I went to the pool area and saw the women in bikinis. Some were with their husband and boyfriends. I thought about what I had done wrong in my marriage. I thought about how i could not satisfy June. I felt jealous of the couples. And angry at myself for having an undersized penis. For sure, under 5 inches is just too small. When I am really erect I am lucky to reach 4.5 inches.

In about 20 minutes I came back. They looked like an intimate couple. He was more than 10 years younger than my wife and he was preparing to take my wife from me. Upon my return, my wife said “thanks for the alone time”. And then, she said, “sweetie, we haven’t kissed yet, I am saving the first kiss for you”. But she meant the first kiss with Steve. And then, as they sat toghether, my wife said “Steve please kiss me”. And he did. It was a slow kiss. And their mouths stayed closed. I felt like an idiot. I am sorry to say this but that is how I felt. However, my penis was as hard as steel. And it was leaking! June, now said, “Steve please give me a real kiss”. And they kissed really slow, their tongues entered each others mouth, and my wife in front of her husband kissed another man. And so the question was answered, Steve was a guy who loved kissing. I could see right away thet my wife’s lipstick was greatly diminished. I saw the bartender looking at me funny and I signed for the drinks. My wife said “I think we are ready, you too?”. And the 3 of us left for our room. In the elevator my wife looked at Steve and then at me, and then back to Steve. And she and Steve Kissed. She and Steve were holding hands.

Humbled But Hard

They followed me as they held hands. My penis was so hard and my balls were ready to explode. Both actually hurt as I walked. When we got inside, my wife took Steve by the hand to the balcony. They stood there, with the ocean in the background, and they looked at one another. And then he kissed her once again. And I heard my wife moan. My wife was in the arms of this young 20 something year old and they were kissing like real lovers. His hands were all over her back and butt. I wanted to tell him to keep his hands off my wife. But I could not do it. I was frozen. And erect. And still leaking. Still they kissed and kissed and hugged. I felt like a failure. And I was. But I loved my wife. I knew she needed another man. My mind was moving 90 miles an hour. And I wanted to cry. I thought that my marriage was over and 10 seconds later I thought that if this did not happen it was 100% over, and that, now maybe it had a chance. I stared the truth head-on. And the truth was that my wife was enjoying herself with another man. And this was only the begining. Now June broke her kiss and looked at me. She said “it’s okay, right?”. And now Steve looked at me. I said “enjoy each other and Steve, stay as long as you and June like. Please make my wife feel good.” As I said this, my penis leaked even more. They walked in from the balcony. And they walked to the bed. she helped him remove his clothing. He was in his jockey shorts. Already I was jealous of him on a personal level. I saw his size and was devastated. My wife saw it too. And she then asked me to unzip her dress. I did. She looked beautiful. The lingerie we bought earlier made it look like I had the sexiest wife in the world. My wife and Steve regrouped and kissed. I watched my wife in her high heels, kissing her new lover. I felt completely left out. And I was left out completly. All of a sudden I had a flashback to when I was 20 years old and a girl named Sharon told me I was too small to make her feel good. Tears came down my face then and tears came down my face now. But neither my wife nor Steve noticed. My wife’s hand was now in Steve’s Jockey and she was touching his cock as they kissed. Then she pulled his underwear down. She looked at his huge, I mean absolutly huge, cock and said “oh my god, I wanted this kind for so long”. This blew me away. I was torn up inside. My penis continued to betray me, loving what I saw.

My wife got on the bed and Steve was all over her. He was kissing her everywhere. And she loved it and I knew this by her loud moans. He took her bra off and pulled her panties off. Her shoes were still on. She looked so good. They were lovers. Steve moved to June’s breasts, he sucked and kissed her tits. And she moaned. My pants were now off and I was maturbating. I was sitting and jerking my penis. Steve soon reached my wife’s vagina. He ate my wife. He did this slowly and carefully. My wife was yelling. I was jeking off. The fluid was leaking out of me and my erection stayed. Never before had this happened. I felt humiliated and felt ashamed. Steve eased off her vagina, and now he was ready to fuck my wife. I realized that he had no condom on. She had promised me that any guy had to use a condom. I wanted to tell Steve. But, I could not tell him. He looked so strong and in charge, I just said nothing. My wife’s leg were open and he got on top of her. Steve kissed June deeply and I watched how his giant cock slid up inside my wife. And I listened as she said “oh my god, it’s so huge, I love your cock, it’s so deep”. I kept jerking off, but it was so different for me, the masturbation, is what I mean. I kept leaking fluid and staying erect. It was like an orgasm that would not end. It was so strange. So I just sat with my hand on my penis. And Steve was banging my wife very hard. His body was powerful and he had real stamina. I want to stress how humiliated and jealous and left out, and ashamed I felt. I knew I could never please June like this. I heard my wife say she was “cumming”. And she kept saying “I love your cock, you have the best cock I ever had”. And I saw Steve’s balls going into a spasm and I knew he was shooting his seed deep into my wife. They both had an orgasm. He took his cock outside of her vagina. Steve’s head was now resting on my wife’s breast as he laid next to her. She was holding him like a baby to her breasts. They were cuddling. It was actually romantic to watch them. She continued to hold his head to her breasts. He complimented June on how pretty she is and what a great lover she is. And I thought, when did I last tell my wife that?


More and more I realized what I forgot to do. And I noticed sperm leaking out of June’s vagina. I wanted to lick it out of her so bad. I so wanted to speak up. Somehow, I got the nerve. And I said “Steve, would it be okay if I go down on my wife, please?” And Steve said “if it’s okay with your wife, it’s okay with me”. And with that, June said “come and do it”. I went over to my wife. She opened her legs. I saw lots of fluid on the sheet. I put my mouth on her vagina. I always wodered if I would want to do this very naturally. And it was very natural. I wanted to eat out and clean her vagina. And I realized that unlike doing oral to her, now, I was actually placing my toungue insde her vagina. Unlike oral, I was not homing in on her clit. I ate her and ate her. And I was eating Steve’s ejaculation. I was tasting her lover’s sperm. I was ashamed. But this did not stop me. But, suddenly I felt June closing her legs. And I looked at her and at him and when back to the chair. Steve looked so powerful and so manly. My wife asked him if girls liked his size. And he said they all love his cock size. My wife told him once again how she never had such a big cock!!! And Steve then said “I’d hate to be small”. And now she and he were getting ready to mate again. Now she was on top of him. His cock was huge. And she mounted him. And they french kissed. She was ryding him and kissing his mouth and sreaming all at the same time. I jerked off. yes, I think this was a world record. The fluid from my penis would still ease out and at time it would spray fliuid. I was so hot!!!! I watched June ride him.

Suddenly, the tears started again, but I also cried. They did not notice. I knew things were never going to be the same. I wanted June so bad. I needed to be with my wife right now. But she was with Steve. And I cried, trying not to let them know. I was able to gather myself in time. After they each climaxed, I saw more kissing. His monster was still inside her. They collapsed in one another’s arms. She was on top, with his penis inside, and they were holding each other. My wife looked to where I was siiting, in back of them and off to the side. And then she said “I am going to take him out of me, so get ready to eat me again, I’ll lay down next to him an you can start”. And so it happened. She got off him. And when she did some cum came out. As soon as she laid down, my mouth was again on her vagina. I did it this time with even more passion. And I stopped for a few seconds and looked at Steve. I said “thank you” and continued embarrassing myself and eating my wife. As I was eating June, she said “I want Steve to stay all night with me, are you okay with that?”. And I said that it would be great. My wife tasted so good. I cannot describe the feelings that I felt all at the same time.

Perhaps, I can continue at a later time. Thank You Luvr. You are so lucky to be alpha!!! I am sure you helped many couples. And pleased many a wife. I totally look up to you!!! And you have created a place where people can learn from each other. And a place for a cuckold in a marriage. Freedom of speech lives!!!