Your preview, their pleasure.

This morning she stood like this, holding the chair in your bedroom, silently sharing with you what was to come. At least once, but sometimes twice during the week, she will dress differently for work. What she wears may vary, but she will always wear stockings and her bottom is always bare for him. Seeing this, you know they are planning to spend the afternoon in your marital bed. She watches with satisfaction as you struggle to dress while your erection rages unabated. She knows you desire her and while that desire is reassuring for her, she is first his on these days.

She will be standing in that very spot by 3 o’clock this afternoon. They usually kiss once they are inside the door, then she will undress him and lightly tease his cock with her mouth before shedding her outerwear and taking her position  She will steady herself against the chair, momentarily thinking of you has his hand slides along her inner thigh, over the stockings you helped her slip on. Once his fingers find that hot, aching need exposed by her stance,  she will brace herself and instinctively arch her back to give him easier access to the place she longs to be joined with him.

This is the chair where you sat the first night he claimed her as his lover; they had both wanted you there to witness what you had started when you encouraged her to return his flirtation.

When you get home, she’ll be waiting in bed for you, naked but for the stockings you slipped up her legs that morning. You won’t last as  long inside her as he did, but neither of you expect that anymore.  Within just moments, your semen mingles with his; she  is yours, once again.