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verified: mischievous

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mischievous: pleasure and pain

New to the saga? Get caught up now...NOTICE: Some images  presented as mischievous are not in fact her/them. I have decided to leave some of them in the posts because having seen her I agree they represent her well without the risk of her being identified online. Yes,...

mischievous: cuckold feedback

New to the saga? Get caught up now...NOTICE: Some images  presented as mischievous are not in fact her/them. I have decided to leave some of them in the posts because having seen her I agree they represent her well without the risk of her being identified online. Yes,...

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mischievous: In The Black

New to the saga? Get caught up now...NOTICE: Some images  presented as mischievous are not in fact her/them. I have decided to leave some of them in the posts because having seen her I agree they represent her well without the risk of her being identified online. Yes,...

NOTICE: Some images  presented as mischievous are not in fact her/them. I have decided to leave some of them in the posts because having seen her I agree they represent her well without the risk of her being identified online. Yes, there are actual images and video used, but I will not be confirming which are which.

It has been over three months since I have posted an update on L and our boy R. As with most couples, COVID curbed their play considerably but as their society began to re-open, so did another opportunity: outing our boy.

Tasks Given And Tests Passed

In the last update about my girl and her/our boy, I shared with everyone the task I had assigned them. It’s a task that I have given to couples previously and directed myself in some cases. It’s a test of endurance and desire as well as an extended expression of the dominant and submissive roles present in a cuckold relationship.


Before they could be assigned this task I had to ensure they were trained for it. The requirements I felt they were unprepared for were binding our boy’s testicles so they were more available and sensitive as toys. I had our boy fetch something suitable; this is typically a long boot lace if a couple doesn’t have gear meant for isolating and presenting the testicles.

Once our boy fetched the boot lace, I had my girl practice binding his balls so they would each be bound and separated from each other. This leaves each one distinct from the other. That experience of having them bound and the discussion of what was going to be done to him had him quite erect and leaking (crying).

Our boy thanked me for getting to feel her tongue on his toy which was really being a good boy knowing what was going to his balls.

My pet then alternated flicking a single testicle slow and hard with lighter and faster so feel the difference in his response. This continued until the erection just given him was deflated.

I wasn’t asking questions I didn’t already know the answer to. Instead I was showing my pet how she can manipulate her toy verbally, bringing it to full erection, even after torment, if words are carefully chosen.

Toys Being Toys

I was confident at this point that my girl knew how to handle those balls for the task I wanted to assign her and also that he was ready to accept the challenge and endure the torment to receive a significant reward because I always reward when earned.

The Task/Test

The task is to repeatedly arouse and edge our boy for fifteen minutes before using one of two methods described above to force the loss of his erection. The standard to meet in terms of losing his erection was set at being able to neatly fold his penis (not fully limp). The methods allowed for reducing his toy to this state were squeezing his balls (either together or individually) or by flicking one testicle at a time.

Once his penis had flopped, my slut was to again arouse him to erection visually, verbally, physically, or through any combination of those. This cycle of enjoying the arousal and enduring the torment to his testicles was to proceed for ten rounds. Most of the time, when subjected to this, either the ache of the testicles or the mindfuck of having the erection repeatedly stolen causes the penis to become partially impotent after so many cycles of this play.

Tattle Toy

Our boy is required to report the state of is toy while we are chatting. This is required when we first begin chatting, either just the two of us or all three of us. The states are: ‘soft, ‘in-between’ and ‘fully erect’. This allows me insight into his response when I can’t see it. It also forces him to verbally admit his response to me. Above, he can be seen reporting the change in his toy because of the possibility of being inside my slut again.

It’s important to appreciate what day-to-day is like for my slut’s boy. Above is what I call ‘erotic at home‘ and is a practice meant to remind both that her sexuality is no longer his to control – nor hers in this case. As you can imagine now that everyone is locked in at home, our boy is spending a lot more time looking at her like this.

And even if my slut’s boyfriend, M, isn’t able to be around right now, slut and her bf are still very much in touch and sexting/calling while our boy makes good use of this tongue.

If our boy managed to maintain erection after ten cycles, I promised him cuckold sex as a reward with a bonus I didn’t reveal at the time. Both myself and my girl expected his toy to fail (around 7 cycles) but it did not.

Even after ten rounds his penis still held out hope it might get to be inside my girl.

I think in this case, keeping our boy in a state of near perpetual arousal through visual, verbal, and physical teasing combined with limited opportunity to release that ache from his nuts had given him a close relationship with that ache in his testicles and without meaning to, I had been training our boy to hold up to my test without even realizing it.

Reward And Challenge

In his reward I chose to give him both a bonus and another test. The reward was to be inside my slut again.

Over the roughly four months and some weeks they have committed to this path together under my leadership, I think he’s gotten a total of 25 minutes of time to feel the snug pleasure of being inside my slut, so every minute I give him is precious.

I actually gave him two bonuses this time:

  1. I didn’t require the numbing cream be applied to his toy
  2. He would be permitted to actually thrust himself into my slut

This is important because cuckold sex for our boy is while he lays beneath her, still, not thrusting, while she has a seat on his toy, sheathed in a condom. I wanted him trained to achieve orgasm more mentally than physically and we’ve had some success at that so far.

For the first time in several months, our boy would (almost) get to use his toy like a cock and thrust actively into what is now a very snug pussy without her boyfriend keeping her fitted to his thicker cock. He couldn’t just thrust away though, there were rules:

  • he would only get 30 thrusts inside my girl
  • my girl got to count out the thrusts and control tempo

What do you think…? How far did he get? Before you pick a number, consider that my slut was told that if he reached 30, I would make her mouth and throat available to my boy for his pleasure. This is a pleasure she very much likes to keep for her boyfriend who taught her how to take his thicker and longer cock fully into her mouth and throat. This is why it’s so effective as a reward for my boy or a punishment for failure for my slut.

The shot above we can all see my slut being trained in the use of her mouth, tongue, and throat for M’s pleasure. We can also see the lighter blonde hair color he wanted.

So, how did he do, you ask? Twenty-three. Twenty three thrusts in my slut’s snug little pussy were all he could handle.

Reward Granted, Challenge Met

There would be no throat fucking for our boy, it seems. It’s quite a loss for him because had he made it to 30, I was going to give him serious time to pretend he was M and fuck my slut’s mouth like he wants to fuck her pussy – but can’t – and wouldn’t be allowed to if he could.

This is how I told my slut to document the outcome of their reward/challenge. Either way I knew he’d end up filling that condom instead of filling her. I thought it fitting we document and share the waste of his come in order that we celebrate the come of her boyfriend which has been welcome inside her many times now.

A Line Crossed

As I referenced above, conversation with my slut has shown that even were I to give our boy twice the count of thrusts inside her, she would rarely ever experience orgasm that way with him. This was true before and even more true now because she knows what a fucking is.

Functionally, I reduced the role of R’s penis to that of a toy some months ago, but now it’ll become official by saying here that his penis cannot be a sex organ. For some couples, this often means an end to any penetration, but, because our boy responds so well to it as a potential reward. I also saw the potential for making more of this challenge if our boy was sure he still wanted to be inside my slut.

I had been asking if I were to grant our boy just a few thrusts in addition to spooning and cuddling with my slut if he’d welcome that and his response was that two was too few and he’d rather save them up. To me that sounded like he didn’t value being inside my pet. As seen above he assured me wanted that in so doing forgot to tell me his penis had become fully erect.

We had already discussed more detailed plans to grant him ‘points’ to be exchanged for thrusts in my girl during cuckold sex and having not granted any yet, he was already in the hole 5 points for his failure to report his erection to me.

Rules updated 4/23/20 (bold).

Poke Point Rules

It’s not fucking, so calling it ‘poking’ seems at least appropriate.

  1. I maintain the account of accumulated Poke Points
  2. Poke Points can be granted (earned), points can be deducted (lost)
  3. Poke Points can only be spent once a month
  4. Our boy must tell me how many of his Poke Points he is spending if not spending them all
  5. Any entry into my slut, regardless of how shallow, is a thrust (-1 of his stated use)
  6. Our boy can thrust as fast or slow as he chooses
  7. Spending Poke Points must be done within ten minutes
  8. Any Poke Points not spent after 10 minutes are lost
  9. Any Poke Points not spent due to having spurted are lost
  10. Our boy must have at least 30 Poke Points to spend any

Earning Poke Points

Our boy can earn Poke Points in the following ways:

  • Two Poke Points are granted for each orgasm my slut gives her bf at home
    • this requires our boy to report that accurately on a weekly basis
  • Five Poke Points are granted for each overnight at home with her boyfriend
  • Three Poke Points are earned each time our boy’s tongue helps my slut come while I’m chatting with her
  • One Poke Points may be granted for each time our boy documents for us, including her bf
  • Two Poke Points for video under 10 seconds; five Poke Points for over 10 seconds
    • photos of my slut, my slut and her bf, my slut and/or our boy all qualify
    • a maximum of ten points per month can be earned this way
    • images/video taken at my  direction or that of my slut or her bf don’t count

Losing Poke Points

Our boy can lose points for the following reasons and in the following amounts:

  • Going over the set number of points by even a single poke
    • cost: the entire Poke Points balance
  • Failing to report the status of his toy in a timely manner
    • cost: 5 Poke Points
  • Being caught or having known to have spurted on his own
    • cost: Poke Points balance and -200 Poke Points

Poke Points Balance

Since our boy is starting from the negative, it could be another month or two before he has enough balance to poke my slut some more.

Update 4/23/20: Poke Points updated to reflect current balance – details to be posted this weekend.

While this is certainly a nice view of my pet and I appreciate her having him send it, it was a task set by me so this is not an example of how our boy earns Poke Points. It is, however, an example of my slut being erotic at home. Good girl.

What Makes A Good Boy Tick?

I have been asked by others how my slut and her boy got this far this fast and honestly it’s a combination of things that rarely align this way but please me immensely to see happen and be part of.

As I told our boy recently, he is the real center of making this work and making it enjoyable for everyone – including my slut’s black boyfriend. Having a white couple so publicly committed to interracial is only possible because of the submission both feel the need to express – and I feel the need to direct.


As much as I like to analyze and understand all aspects of this lifestyle, sometimes words fail me as well and we have to rely on just knowing something is working and something is just right the way it is.