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Acceptance, Denial, and Fulfillment

In response to other readers, I asked james to continue his thoughts on being cuckolded by me. Though we are recent to identifying ourselves being and becoming more open as a cuckold couple and marriage, the reality in many ways is that Anne has been cuckolding me for quite awhile. In the past as Anne began to seek and embrace sexual pleasure from more endowed men she not only discovered more intense physical pleasure when their cock was inside her but also being alone with her partner, without the distraction of me nearby, allowed her to emotionally relax and...

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Date Night with ‘Z’

  After our first meeting I was ready to take the next step with ‘Z.’ A date out and more than likely, returning home and letting him take me to bed. I reached out to him and after texting back and forth we settled on a Sunday evening. As it was, circumstances would make it easier that we meet at a favorite wine bar, perfect for a Sunday night; dark and cozy, with a band that didn’t get started until 9; plenty of time to chat in the quiet ambiance before the music began. 🙂 In preparation for my date,...

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Thursday night…Intrigued with a prospective bull…

  Empowered with my key around my neck and james in chastity, I met a young 30 something single male who had reached out to me expressing an interest to meet. Though my desire is and declaration has been to have black bulls, ‘Z’ is white.  After a lengthy text exchange of me explaining to ‘Z’ my desires and sharing the CM website  (in particular my profile and posts), reading his well written and enthusiastic responses and finally seeing photos of him, in particular his cock that appeared endowed, I was intrigued. I decided to set up a meeting...

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Confessions of a Cuckold

Anne edges james to share about being a cuckold to her. Centered Pleasure                 Honestly, it was natural for me to become a cuckold, not so much because of previous relative experiences of “three” or the difference of size and color (though definitely strong reasons for having to), but more importantly that from the very beginning of our relationship Anne’s sexual pleasure has always been more important than mine. Keep in mind that I enjoy sexual pleasure as much as anyone. Mine happens to be centered to Anne’s, especially and not surprisingly...

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Sharing, Control, and Discovery of Losing Myself

Having sex with a single man while james was either in the room or not isn’t new to our relationship. In the past through the swing social media sites there have been many opportunities for my desire to meet young single men looking for attractive MILF’s. With frequency came a random and unpredictable pleasure for me, and for james, becoming comfortable with this by discovering how aroused he became watching me or when I slipped away to be alone with someone. As our relationship has now transitioned to that of a cuckold couple and a desired “relationship of three”, I...

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