Author: Luvr

CNN: Cuckold News Network

I’ve seen references to cuckolding in somewhat mainstream media before, but this takes the cake: “…according to a recent study by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and the writer Dan Savage, acting on cuckolding fantasies can be a largely positive experience for many couples, and hardly a sign of weakness -Ian Kerner, CNN“ Of course, it was immediately attacked, which should be no surprise to anyone, and just as immediately, linked to homosexuality. This is much like saying Trump and Russia in the same sentence; say it enough and it must be true. What is true is gay men, or...

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fuckdollMel: 2018 update

It all began a year and a half ago when fuckdoll’s husband contacted me for assistance with their progress into the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle. My first post about them, verified: Fuckdoll Mel, introduced them to our community. I encourage anyone not already familiar with them to at least read the first post before continuing here in order to have some context for what comes next. This short video, taken while fuckdoll was at work, partially illustrates why I named her fuckdoll, but beyond simply her looks, she’s also a very smart, capable young woman who happens to be very...

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Wannabe Celebrity Cuckoldress

Ok, since I’m posting this, I guess she’s a celebrity at some level. Courtney Stodden. Fuck puppet. There is certainly something a bit refreshing about a woman who is equipped for one role in life, welcomes it, and explores it to the fullest. I remember when she made the scene as an alleged 16-year old marrying her 51-year old  husband. I recall thinking: definitely doesn’t look 16 (above the neck) good for them if they’re happy she has already or would cuckold him and he would welcome it As far as I know, despite some separation and reconciliation, they...

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Jealousy: The Death of Trust

I have to admit not being very familiar with this reality TV show, but just on the surface, I have to point out what an idiot this guy is being. Choosing to have a relationship with a woman so appealing – who enjoys being appealing – and letting petty jealousy control the decisions, is a recipe for misery and failure. “90 Day Fiance” star Paola goes against her husband Russ’ request that she not wear lingerie outside of the bedroom.When the Colombian model was cast to star in a reggaeton music video, Russ asked her not to wear lingerie...

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The Many Faces of Denial

Many different forms (and levels) of denial are practiced by cuckold couples and often they have little or no idea why they do it and why it seems to be valuable in the cuckold/hotwife experience. I explain the foundational concepts in detail in Cuckold Denial, an article from 2011, but have touched on it in a few others as well.  Recently a wife approached me through the site with concerns about having started denying her husband sex. As is typical for most couples in this situation, intercourse between them has became a mechanical and brief period where the cuckold...

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