Verified: CarolinaCouple37

This very active hotwife had her first extramarital cock only three days after her husband suggested it. I do believe that’s a record. An equal-opportunity hotwife, Ms. Carolina, or Becky as she is known in their xHamster profile, may be a new hotwife, but she is already well acquainted with extramarital cock. I have to […]

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jerseyhottie’s new man

Time for another jerseyhottie update! It looks like jb and jh may have finally found a boyfriend for her who is a good fit. By good fit, I do mean they way he fits into their marriage as the second male and how his cock fits inside hottie: a very snug fit, I’m told. You […]

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Lifestyle Evaluation

A brief, but meaningful update for h and k tightknots – and their ongoing experience as a committed, but unmarried cuckold couple. There has been some dating for k, with a guy they had previous, swing experiences with. Twice she’d seen him, coupled with him overnight and then shared the details of her date with […]

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Verified: MiauMiau

A beautiful pet awaiting capture. There are three very wonderful things about MiauMiau: she’s a completely adorable fuckdoll she’s a submissive hotwife she prefers older men Of course we can’t overlook her loving husband who is responsible for letting this flower blossom as it has. They are currently geographically separated, which adds to the value […]

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Making The Call

Some guys just don’t work out. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but it’s part of the lifestyle and has to be a conscious part of every couples expectations. Part of what enables a husband to share his wife with someone else is a confidence that should it come down to ‘him or me’, that his […]

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Verified: JandGinSD

Now that’s an outfit to wear when I come to dinner, eh? Please welcome J and G to our community. She’s already an experienced hotwife, but both would benefit from the right fit in terms of a long-term boyfriend she can offer that sexy body to. Her cuckold is on the conservative side of the […]

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Verified: PAownedCouple

Please welcome PAownedCouple to the community. Karen met Tim back in July since then he has been almost a weekly visitor. He has her wear his initial around her neck at all times. As the cuck I wear a restraint and serve them as I document the action with photos and videos. My wife is […]

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Verified: Becky

Please welcome Becky and beckyscuck to the community! Becky and her cuckold have been married for fifteen years, together for twenty and cuckolding for 4+. Becky is currently dating a new guy after having broken it off with a long-term boyfriend who failed to understand his proper role within a cuckold marriage. Becky spent her […]

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Merry Christmas

Here’s some post-Christmas cheer to help the holiday linger a bit longer. I’ve always thought of nipples as having so many wonderful uses!

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BBC Melissa

I came across this hotwife (not literally, unfortunately) a while back on Tumblr but didn’t research to see how involved in the lifestyle she is. Very. This is a very active, very cock-hungry hotwife who is quite proud of the term slut as she and all women who want to take back their sexuality should […]

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