Hotwife Flirt Cards

Helping nature take its course. Socializing is, in my opinion, the most effective way for wives to meet guys they want to date and dating is the most effective way for a wife to find a long-term boyfriend. Yes, success can be had online where expectations can be more easily set and communicated, but looking […]

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Building The Bond

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the practice of inviting another male into the marriage to fill an active, sexual role can and should deepen the marital bonds of husband and wife. Marital Muscle We all understand the idea of a emotional bond – something we can’t see or touch, but is nonetheless real. Now take […]

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Making The Call

Some guys just don’t work out. It’s unfortunate when it happens, but it’s part of the lifestyle and has to be a conscious part of every couples expectations. Part of what enables a husband to share his wife with someone else is a confidence that should it come down to ‘him or me’, that his […]

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Her Inspection

Ritual Is Invaluable Practical guidance for (aspiring) Doms on the power of inspection. Even when it’s abundantly clear from a distance that her cuckold has prepared her for you exactly as ordered, a hands-on inspection of the pet is always required because inspection is much less about the actual inspection as it is about the […]

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The Dom’s Role

What a Dom brings to a cuckold marriage: Let’s talk about that word, ‘Dom’ and why I feel a cuckold couple should always seek a boyfriend for her who can provide them both the leadership so necessary for most couples in this lifestyle. A natural fit. Couples enter into a cuckold marriage commitment for one […]

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The Family Bull

Sexy Interracial I initially thought of this image as simply another example of a proud, interracial hotwife, but realized that’s likely not the case. Look away from the sight of her soft, white tit cupped in his hand for a moment and look around the image. You’ll note that she’s not wearing a ring and […]

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Cuckolding derives much of it appeal, energy and therefore conflict, from the creation and exploration of contrasts. It has taken me quite some time to realize that the common bond between many aspects of cuckolding which appeal to couples often some down to this simple mechanism. It’s simple to overlook the many ways contrasts are […]

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Cuckolding & Humiliation

I wrote the following in response to a forum thread on The thread was critical of humiliation as an aspect of cuckolding. The points presented below have been shared in other articles on the site, but this essay is, I believe, my first success at tying them together into one cogent thought. Perhaps it […]

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Boyfriend Integration

Integrating your wife’s boyfriend into your family can be part of your lifestyle. Just as the idea of a husband openly embracing his wife taking a lover once seemed unimaginable, so too does it seem impossible to consider the wife’s boyfriend spending quality time with the wife, including overnight stays, in the marital bed. This is especially […]

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Dom Leadership

The bet: she’d never wear this in public. Too low cut for a bra, too thin and clinging for panties; this hotwife is, for the first time,  completely naked under the smallest, thinnest dress she’s ever worn in public. It’s so short that you can see her nervously resting her hands on her lap to […]

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